2018 Econo Rules

Sherman County Speedway

OBJECT: This is an introductory class to stock car racing. All drivers must be least 14 years of age. Any driver under 18 years of age must have both parents sign a release form. This class was designed for an inexpensive way for drivers to get involved in racing and have some fun. If you race any other class you are not egible to race this class the same night.


APPEARANCE: Cars must be numbered with one or two digit numbers only. Numbers must be on both front doors and the left side of roof facing the infield and be at least 18" tall. There must also be numbers on the front and rear of the car at least 4" tall. If car sheet metal or numbers are damaged in a race repair dents as good as possible and make numbers legible before next race.


SAFETY: Five point safety belts with sub-belt and shoulder harness required.It is recommended safety belts be replaced every two years. Racing seat required. Seat belts and racing seat must be securely fastened to the roll cage, not the floorboard. SFI approved full fire suit required.

Minimum of Snell SA 00 racing helmet required. SA 05 helmet is required in 2019 No "M" helmets allowed. Fire retardant gloves and neck brace and shoes required. Racing fuel cell required. Fuel cell must be securely fastened inside trunk of car above stock trunk floor. All cell mounts must be steel and attached to frame of car. ANY NEW CARS BEING BUILT HAVE FUEL CELL OFF OF TRUNK FLOOR. Any fuel lines running through the driver's compartment must be inside of steel pipe or conduit.

PASSENGERS: Are allowed. Must have the same safety equipment as drivers. Minimum of 3 horizontal door bars on passenger side . May remove passenger door inner skin for roll cage clearence. Roll bar padding on all bars in contact with body. A handle on passenger side to hold on to mounted on front dash bar. Cruiser's are welcome, must meet rules.


AXLES & DIFFERENTALS: Must remain OEM equipped from the factory. GM for GM, Ford for Ford, Chrysler for Chrysler. MAY LOCK REARENDS BY WELDING OR A LOCKER.


DRIVE SHAFTS: Drive shaft must be painted white. Drive shaft loop is required and must be constructed of at least .25 inch by 2-inch steel and should be mounted no more than 6 inches back from the front of driveshaft.


BRAKES & SUSPENSION: OEM brakes on all four wheels must work. OEM brake pedal and master cylinder required and must be located in its original location. Must have OEM shocks and springs, no racing springs or shocks. Optional Double Pigtail Racing Springs on the Rear. No heating or cutting of springs. All suspension must remain OEM for that model of car. No spacers, adapters, lumber, chains or weight jacks allowed. Tow hook required front and rear and must be securely fastened to frame. Unibody's must have front frame and rear frame tied and only unibody's may X the frame.


BATTERY: Securely fastened and totally covered by a metal or plastic cover. Battery must be secure inside of battery box so it does not come loose in a rollover.


BODY: 112" minimum wheel base, REAR WHEEL DRIVE ONLY. No convertibles. Pickup's are allowed. All body parts must be OEM. No aftermarket or home made parts. All door hinges and latches must be left on car. Stock dash optional. Steering column must remain stock. Optional to run solid shaft, no quickner's. Front inner fenders may be removed. Heater and air conditioning may be removed. No cutting on exterior of body except for tire clearance, (3 inch maximum), One (1) single upright loop may be added between the front bumper and radiator for protection. Max. 1 3/4" O.D. material, no wider than the frame horns, with a maximum height above the frame of 12". One (1) brace on each side of loop may be attached to frame in front of upper A-arm mount. May remove enough of body for loop clearance only. Doors must be bolted or welded securely shut. Must remove all chrome, pot metal, outside door handles, plastic parts, fiberglass parts, grills, lights, glass and trash. NO MIRRORS.


BUMPERS: Stock. The same as belongs on that car. No bracing or plates. Factory mounting may be welded. NO EXTRA REINFORCEMENT WHATSOEVER. Must have bumper ends tied to body with flat plate to prevent locking of bumpers with another car. Bumpers has to be incontact on car, if it comes off you go to Pits.


ENGINES: Must be OEM and completely stock for that make of car, GM to GM, Ford to Ford, etc. Engines must be in stock mounts and in stock location. Cylinder Heads, GM - NO double hump heads. Small block chevy must have correct head for that block. Maximum compression ratio is 9.0 to 1. Flat top or dished pistons only. Ford No SVO heads, Chrysler- NO W-2 heads. NO PERFORMANCE ANYTHING! Must idle smooth at 800 rpm and hold at least 15 inches of vacuum. Must have a intake port for vacuum on intake. May be checked at anytime. Blocks: GM 350, Ford 361, Chrysler 360.


CARBURETORS: Carburetors must be unaltered and match original carburetor for that make of car, (GM-GM, Ford-Ford, etc). Stock OEM intakes only. NO aftermarket intakes. Nonadjustable adapter 4 barrel down to 2 barrel. OEM carburertor only 2 or 4 barrel. Choke plate may be removed for tech. NO THROTTLE BODY OR FUEL INJECTION.


ROLL CAGE: A full perimeter STEEL ( 1 1/2 MIN., .095 MIN TUBING) six point roll cage is required. RECOMMAND 1 3/4 MIN ., .095 MIN TUBING. Roll cage must be securely welded to frame. All joints must be welded all the way around. Minimum of 3 horizontal door bars on driver's door, may remove driver's door inner skin for roll cage clearance only. Must have a minimum of one cross bar in top halo of roll cage. Roll bars around drivers must be padded. MUST HAVE A X IN THE MAIN LOOP CAN BE 1 1/4 MIN. Any unnecessary gutting of car body may result in having to add ballast at the direction of track officials. Must have min. of 3 vertical windshield bars in front of driver


TIRES: HOOSIER G-60 OR ANY DOT TIRE WITH MAX. OF 255/60X15. MAY RUN 70 OR 75 INCH TIRES 14 OR 15 INCHES. No mud and snow or trick gumball tires allowed.


WHEELS: NO WIDER THAN A 8 STEEL WHEEL.1 lug nuts required.



WINDSHIELD: Must have a vertical bar a minimum of 1.5 inches in diameter in center of windshield opening. Must have a minimum of three vertical windshield bars in front of driver at least .375 inches in diameter. May have maximum of 7 inch sunvisor added to top of windshield only.


CLAIM: $550 CASH, OR $100 AND EXCHANGE ($25 going to wrecker for pulling engine or for engine exchange and both drivers pay the wrecker driver $25 for pulling the engines.) First 4 finishers must report to claim area and are subject to claim by any driver finishing 5th on back and on the same lap as the 4th place car. Claim does not include - flywheel or flex plate, clutch, pressure plate, bell housing, carburetor, starter, oil/temp. sending units, fan and pulleys, clutch ball, clutch arm, throw out bearing, water pump, fuel pump, fuel pump rod, fuel pump plate, distributor, plug wires, water outlet, and restrictor, exhaust manifolds and pipes. Any driver refusing a claim will forfeit all winnings for that night, any trophies earned in feature, all points earned at that track for the entire season and have a one race suspension at that track. No driver may claim more than one time per track during current calendar year. No driver may claim unless he/she has competed at that track the two previous events. Claim is in effect on opening night and driver must have been at track on opening night to be eligible to claim at second race of season.

Driver's must have claim money on them. Cannot go to pits.

1 hour time limit to pull engine.


When engine is pulled it should be visually inspected by tech inspector. If at that time anything is found to be illegal the claimed driver will be disqualified and forfeit all winnings for that nights event and forfeit all points for the season at that track.


PROTEST: Any driver finishing 5th on back and on same lap as the 4th place car can protest any car finishing in the top 4. The driver protesting must pull directly to the claim area following the A-feature and have $50 cash. If the specific item being protested is found illegal the driver being protested loses his points and winnings for the night and the protester gets his $50 back. If driver being protested is found to be legal than he gets to keep the protesters $50. Protest must be made within 5 minutes of the finish of the A-feature.


READ THIS: If there is an item not covered in these rules that concerns you please have it approved by a tech inspector, track promoter or LEAVE IT STOCK. IF IT DOESN'T SAY YOU CAN IT MEANS YOU CAN NOT. CAR LEGALITY WILL BE UNDER THE DISCRETION OF THE TRACK OFFICIALS.


For more Information or Questions Contact: Sherman County Speedway:


Alex West (785)-821-1128

Tom Colby (785) 399-8041